Missions & Outreach

At Broadmoor Community Church, UCC, we believe in effecting change through hands-on community involvement. We seek opportunities to make the world a better place by reaching out.

As a progressive Christian community, we are called to love our neighbors in ways that demonstrate the good news of the gospel. Our Board of Missions has entered into a number of relationships with our neighboring ministry communities. These relations are twofold:


• To support those agencies providing emergency food and other resources.

• To assist our partner communities in identifying specific needs and creating sustainable solutions to what have been long-term problems.


Working in partnership with those we serve, we enter into a sacred relationship of compassion, justice, peace, learning and Divine humility. Read below about our partners.

Our Local Community Partners:

Westside CARES

Broadmoor Community Church, UCC is a founding member. WSC provides food, utility, and rent help to neighbors on the west side of Colorado Springs. 

Mesa House

BCC delivers a meal for 10-12 men 3 times a month and helps provide Christmas gifts. Mesa House provides transitional housing and support for homeless men dealing with alcohol, drugs, mental illness, and sexual offenses.

Fox Meadow Middle School

BCC partners by providing backpacks in September, books & games at Christmas, working to beautify the school grounds, helping to alleviate lunch debt, and supporting the teachers by “Crashing the Lounge”.

Our Wider Community Partner

As a member church of the United Church of Christ, BCC knows that it can and does change lives through our contributions to Our Church’s Wider Mission. OCWM allows local congregations to live into its covenant by funding the ministries of our Rocky Mountain Conference, as well as the nation-wide ministries of the United Church of Christ.


• Every UCC congregation is in partnership with the whole United Church of Christ when members contribute to OCWM.

• Every UCC congregation that gives to OCWM touches lives around the world in the name of Jesus

• Each UCC congregation is urged to be a part of God’s mission beyond the local community by contributing to OCWM.

• With each church’s participation, OCWM can come closer to fulfilling God’s mission and every congregation can come closer to being all that God intends it to be.


To watch a video for more information CLICK HERE.


To get involved, please contact the Broadmoor Community Church, UCC Board of Missions chair: Kathi Hinckley: kathihinckley@gmail.com